Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tutorial: Fairy House Tree Pt. 14

Today I added new blossoms to the tree. They are handmade paper flowers I purchased on Ebay. I tore off some petals to make smaller flowers to mix in.

The paper flowers look kind of stiff and unnatural initially.

I painted all the flowers with Polycrylic and smushed them a bit for a much more natural look.

I painted some mossy green areas throughout the sculpture.

Next, I sealed the entire piece with Polycrylic for a strong finish and deep color.

Finally it's time to remove the masking tape from the window. 

I love the view out the window from inside...

Final root cellar all painted and sealed...

There are some pink petals on the ground beneath the tree...

Not much left now! Next time, a few more architectural details and pouring the pond. I've lost the window inserts for the two hex windows so I'll need to figure out something there, too. :)

Thanks for visiting! Tori


Unknown said...

Love the coloring and all of the details. Great job! Thanks for all of the photos and for posting this tutorial. As you can see it is 5 years later and still exciting to new structure builders!

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