Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fairy House Tree Pt. 10

In this installment, I work on the roof (finally) and finish the sculpting of the tree branches and trunk, whew!

This is the old ornate stamped brass medallion I purchased on Etsy to finish off the roof.

I connected all of the wire by "sewing" and twisting the pieces together. 

I added a patch to the center and wired it firmly into place. I will trim the patch for installing the medallion once I receive it. Then, I will mix up my final batch of Celluclay to position the medallion and finish the ceiling!

All of the clay is in place except for the roof and some small details. I love the magic of lighting!

I spent quite a while today unsticking the downstairs window. The opening shrunk a bit after I applied the clay. I was able to loosen the bottom pane, but the top pane is fixed in place.

I still need to install the shelf in the the root cellar...

The branches are finally all covered with Paperclay! It's really a challenging and slow process, but patience pays off :)

I will add a little more of the grey Celluclay on the tree once I mix up the final batch to finish the roof. I'd like to add some rougher sections of clay to create dimension in the tree branches :)

That's it for now. The painting begins next week! Then, the tree will look a lot more like springtime brown/green than winter snowy.

Thx for following along!



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