Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tutorial: Fairy House Tree Pt. 13

♥ I added another layer of stain, some landscaping and moss.

Then, I smoothed the final clay to level the floors, finish the roof and add landscaping.

I glued some wee stones into the landscape. See the tiny footprints?

I added another layer of stain to the trunk to differentiate it from the bonsai. I used this warm brown Golden Oak color...

I added stain with brushes and a piece of t-shirt.

I added some mossy bits using white glue.

I used this this sheet moss by scraping bits off.

I placed moss under the tree branches and into the bunny burrow.

Moss now highlights the root cellar, sunflower garden, facade and chandelier...

Thx for visiting! Next time: more paint and sealing the sculpture.



Unknown said...

It is looking fantastic! And I even have Golden Oak Minwax in my supplies! This is going to be fun. Bad thing with Minwax is the lasts for a day or more in my workroom....winter here and I can't open the windows!

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