Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tutorial: Fairy House Tree Pt. 7

Welcome and many thanks to everyone following along! If you have any questions, please let me know :). In this edition, we finalize the electric, stabilize the tree branches, sculpt the pond and lantern area plus start forming bonsai cherry tree.

Time to finalize the electric. I twisted the ends very securely and then applied plenty of electrical tape to hold together forever LOL.

There is one switch for outdoor lighting and one switch for indoor lighting. The battery packs are taped underneath the base for easy access battery replacement.

I taped very carefully over all connections to protect from moisture. After taping everything perfectly, I decided I HAD to have a wee hidden light in the bunny burrow so untaped, added one more light to the circuit and re-taped... 

Bunny burrow light :)

I used some of my copper electrical wire to tie and secure branches to each other very tightly - no wiggle here.

Whew! Everything is now ready for clay application.

Creative Paperclay is the product I'm using for details such as pond, tree branches, bunny burrow and misc. small details.

The Paperclay dries out very quickly so cover with plastic wrap in between grabbing pieces.

Pull off a piece of Paperclay and flatten to about 1/8".

Flatten the Paperclay pancakes and smooth the edges carefully. It's helpful to have a small cup of warm water to dip your fingers into. And, keep a damp cloth nearby to wipe excess water from your fingers.

Lantern area detail. I glued the lantern to the wall and used small pieces of Paperclay to fill in the edges.

There were still some small cracks from the Celluclay application. They will not be noticeable at all once our finish is in place. However, I used white glue to fill in the cracks and secure them.

The completed pond and lantern area.

I started applying clay to the tree branches. This is very time consuming and requires intense attention to detail around all of the foliage. Just take your time with your favorite music and beverage :)

I'm using Paperclay for part of the tree trunk. I'll also use Celluclay here later for a layered look.

That's it for today! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for looking :)



onbeingaminimum said...

Wow! Your vision is amazing. It is wonderful to see the different layers appearing.

Unknown said...

I just found this tutorial and it is fascinating.

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