Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tutorial: Fairy House Tree Pt. 6

Awww the bunnies are here! They're checking out the root cellar today but will live in the foot of our weeping cherry tree...

Part 6 of our tutorial has us waking to a cracked up first floor. Everywhere that the clay met the wooden base, shrinkage was significant and caused cracking in the clay. Not to worry! We will smooth more clay to fill in the cracks.

The clay will dry/shrink different amounts depending on where you live. I live in dry conditions at very high altitude, so sometimes I get unexpected results with air dry clay...

Downstairs cracks all better. I just smoothed a 2nd coat over the cracks.

Next, I started the clay application for upstairs. After initial application, you can see finger marks. Just dip fingers into warm water to gently smooth the surface.

It's fun to leave part of the surface uneven - more rustic.

Our final window install.

I really have to finalize the roof. I haven't yet found the piece of vintage hardware I'd like to use.

The start of forming the fish pond.

The bunny burrow.

The downstairs ceiling.

Next time: more clay on the exterior and sculpting of the tree...

Thanks for following along! Tori


Anonymous said...

It is so it almost finished? What is your price range for this one or one similar? How much does it weigh?

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