Monday, January 21, 2013

Tutorial: Fairy House Tree Pt. 5

Today, I started applying clay to the tree trunk. I'm using a product called CelluClay. It comes in white or gray. I've always used the white but the gray would work fine and it is easier to find. I like to start with a lighter surface and paint my way darker instead of starting with a darker surface prior to painting. 

CelluClay can be purchased at Hobby Lobby and lots of places online. It's cheaper per pound to buy a 5lb box and this project will probably require around 10 lbs (see Amazon). This clay air dries rock hard within 24 hours and can be sanded, drilled, nailed and painted, if desired.

The recipe calls for 32oz of water mixes with 1 lb (box) of CelluClay.

Mix carefully with a spoon to wet the paper clay. The dust is very fine and so try to avoid creating lots of dust and breathing it in. I mix initially with a spoon and then just used my hands for the bulk of the mixing.

You'll need your bowl of mixed CelluClay, a cup of warm water and a damp towel.

Pat a glob of CelluClay into your hands - it'll be sticky - and wipe across the tree surface. Dip fingers in water to smooth the surface nicely. It's worth taking the time to smooth carefully now - sanding later would take way more work!

The exterior of the house (on the opposite side from where you're working) will have a diamond (lathe) shaped surface. That's ok. We'll smooth the exterior later after the interior is dried.

This wall is now ready for the window to be installed.

I applied white glue all around the perimeter of the window and carefully placed it into the wall opening.

Be sure to rotate your work and get the window lined up perfectly from interior and exterior view. Press some of the CelluClay around the window and smooth with damp fingers.

This pic shows how far 1lb (box) of CelluClay covers when sculpting.

Now, for the second downstairs window. I taped the curtains to keep them dry and out of the way.

I worked CelluClay all across the floor and into the entry area with special care taken around the root cellar floor.

The first floor interior is completed (except for ceiling). This took 2 boxes (lbs) of CelluClay. The sculpture should be left untouched to dry for at least 24 hours before any work can continue.

Next time, more clay! Thanks for following along and I'd love to see your projects :)



Unknown said...

Thanks Tori, Brilliant! :-)

Unknown said...

I think its beautiful.Do you have any pictures of the finished tring it myself...thanks!

Kammy Duran-Hill said...

Also do you have a site that displays all your houses and work? And do you sell them?

Torisaur said...

Hi Kammy :) Thx for your comments. The house is not finished yet. I'm posting the tutorial as I work on the house. I do sell my work and this project is already sold. You can see some pics of my other sold work on or on Facebook at Have fun with your project!

Kammy Duran-Hill said...

Thanks ...I really love your long does it take you to finish a house? Im tring to make one in very early stage of it.....the frame attached to the wood....I think the lighting is going to be a real challenge. Now I see why you posted we need leather gloves...I have little cuts all over my I cant wait to see . Finished.....great work....thanjs for sharing.

Kammy Duran-Hill said...

Hi Tori,
Do you list your pricing of your crafts.....I love the wooden fairy houses and this one too...your very e-mail.

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